Chinese fishing nets, Kochi

Hi to all..this is my first post in this blog and thrilled to be doing this right now.

We had a recent official visit to Kochi in Kerala, India. After 2 days of busy schedule, had time to take a half day break and we decided to venture into the city. We headed straight to Fort Kochi where  the Chinese fishing nets were present. Transport using bus or autorickshaw is quite easily available from any part of the city to Fort Kochi.

Chinese fishing nets are unique to Kochi as it is the only place outside China where these nets can be seen. Located along the scenic beauty of Fort Kochi beach, these nets are awesome to watch. They are huge, upto 10 meters tall and drop nets of upto 20 meters height. The nets can be easily operated by the weight of the  fisherman walking on the beam sufficient enough to drop the nets into the sea. After a catch, the nets are raised above water by a group of fishermen pulling the rope. The catch is usually modest, but is quickly sold to passers by within a few minutes.

If you are visiting Kochi, take time to visit these  chinese nets without fail and you will not be disappointed!!


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