“The Common Myna”- Interesting facts

Lumix FZ150, f/5.2, 1/1000 seconds, EV +0.7, focal length-108mm

Some interesting facts about the Common Myna:

1. Common inhabitant in India.

2. One bird that had well adapted to urban environments.

3. Great imitator of any sounds, including human voices.

4.Myna is the National symbol of Bali.

5.Their main prey is the grasshopper. So, they are also called the “Grasshopper hunters”

Hope you enjoy the pic and the facts!

“The Luminescent Ganesha – Second shot”

Lumix FZ150, f/2.8, focal length-4 mm, Exp- 1 second, ISO- 800

This is my second attempt at capturing the glorious beauty of the Luminescent Ganesha. My first attempt came out too blur a shot because of handheld shooting. This time, the camera was placed on the table and there i go!! This clearly made me think about getting a tripod sooner:-) Comments are welcome.

Sunset at Marine Drive, Mumbai

Sunset with all its glory is a beautiful scene to watch. The golden rays of the sun and the chill breeze of a beach is the best thing one who loves nature will always cherish. On one such evening, as a part of our conference trip to Mumbai, I had this beautiful scene. The loving couple and the bird in flight added to the beauty of the photo