Sunset at Marine Drive, Mumbai

Sunset with all its glory is a beautiful scene to watch. The golden rays of the sun and the chill breeze of a beach is the best thing one who loves nature will always cherish. On one such evening, as a part of our conference trip to Mumbai, I had this beautiful scene. The loving couple and the bird in flight added to the beauty of the photo




12 thoughts on “Sunset at Marine Drive, Mumbai

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Also, thanks for your invitation. But, iam not into much of journal thing. Wishing you all the success in your initiative 🙂 Do come back and share your thoughts in my blog anytime.

      1. thanks for your feedback, but its not a journal, it’s just a collection of articles on a topic from various authors, it would be great if you be a part of it

    1. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. And that suggestion is well taken. I was actually more concentrating on capturing the sunset and missed out the intimacy of the lovers there:-) I will definitely keep your valuable suggestion in mind when composing for my future shots!

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